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Buying second-hand baby clothing

Baby Clothes

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Second hand clothes

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Second hand clothes can be a great way to save money and can often make a lot of sense as we all know that your little one can grow very fast with clothes not lasting more than a few months sometimes. In these tough economic times in makes sense for most households across the country to save money where they can, and buying second hand baby clothes can be a really good way of keeping in budget. There are plenty of places that you can pick second baby clothes for really good prices, but before you start buying there are few things that you should bear in mind.

Size matters

First a really important thing to remember is that as the clothes have been used before they may have been stretched a little. This is important because the getting the size of clothes is very important for the comfort but also the safety of your baby. Clothes that are a little too big for example can cause a real danger for young babies and toddlers a like; it can be very easy for loose or baggy clothing to get snagged and cause a potential danger to your baby. Another reason for making sure that second hand baby clothes fit properly, is to avoid the danger of your baby wriggling around as babies do and then potentially blocking their airway, with material.

Wear and tear

Another key thing to look out for is the general wear and tear of the baby cloths you are buying. As we know babies tend to be messy little guys, so moms will always be doing a lot of laundry. With second hand clothes there is always the possibility that after repeated washing clothes may become a little worn which can affect the comfort of your little one. Some of the best clothes to buy second hand are those that will not have been used very often, for example those little winter coats or suits for special occasions are likely to be in very good condition as the level of use is unlikely to be very frequent. All in all there is sure to be some great bargains out there and you may be able to pay significant less for big names like Baby Gap.

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